On the frontlines with ADWR during National Groundwater Awareness Week

More than perhaps any other state agency, the Arizona Department of Water Resources is committed to the protection of our State’s groundwater resources. We are a creation of one of the most far-sighted laws in the nation created in defense of its groundwater — the Arizona Groundwater Management Act of 1980 — and we take that mission to defend Arizona’s water resources seriously. No agency is more… aware of the importance of groundwater than ADWR.
In this podcast recognizing National Groundwater Awareness Week, we have asked an ADWR employee on the front lines of groundwater management about his duties, and about what those tasks mean to him. Scott Stuk is head of ADWR’s basic-data group in the Field Services Division. Scott took a few moments during Groundwater Awareness Week to talk about what he does for a living… and what he believes it means to Arizona.